Naturally Aged Flooring ™ is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of hardwood and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. We specialize in high-quality engineered hardwood flooring, realistic wood-like LVP flooring, and custom-made wood flooring that is manufactured to your exact specifications. We also complement our flooring with handmade trim and accessories such as moldings and stair treads, which are perfectly matched to our flooring designs.

Our headquarters is in Moorpark, California, in the northwest Greater Los Angeles Area. Our products are displayed and sold at flooring and home improvement retail stores across the country. In addition to our Southern California manufacturing and distribution facility, we stock and ship from several strategic locations throughout the United States. Through our distribution network, we deliver promptly to over 3,500 retailers, contractors and designers nationwide.

Hardwood Flooring Importer, Distributor, Wholesaler

We want to make it easy to find the flooring that best meets your needs. To help point you in the right direction, our products are organized into several distinct collections. The items within each collection may vary widely in color and texture, but they also share some common specifications.

The Premier Collection is a line of luxurious white oak, made up of 9 1/2" or 8 3/4" wide planks. These exquisite hardwoods are skillfully wire-brushed and stained to create a refined selection of stylish grains and finishes. With a variety of hand-scraping options enhancing depth and texture, the Premier Collection makes a lasting impression.

The bestselling Medallion Collection exudes quality, class and consistency. Whether you prefer the rich detail of oak, the beautiful character of hickory, or the deep hues of walnut, we're sure you can find a Medallion Collection floor that suits your style. Light wire-brushing, unique colors, and multiple character grade options comprise an incredibly diverse selection. While most Medallion Collection planks measure 9/16" x 7 1/2", unique options such as our 9/16" x 3-5-7" random-width hickory are also available.

The Wirebrushed Series shares much in common with the Medallion Collection, but delivers it in a more budged-friendly 1/2" x 7 1/2" sliced veneer format. These elegant wire-brushed oak planks are designed to bring sophistication and class to any interior.

The Royal Collection brings our signature warm tones and wire-brushed textures to a cost-effective 1/2" x 6" platform. These stylish hickory, oak and maple planks are made to last, and designed to complement a wide range of interior settings.

While our engineered hardwood flooring sets the aesthetic foundation for stunning interiors, it's also constructed to withstand the test of time. Each plank is coated with seven layers of protective coating, including a double-coat of our UV Urethane finish, which provides resistance against wear and abrasion. Confident that our flooring is built to withstand the demands of a lively household, we even offer a residential lifetime limited warranty on all of our hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer

While our pre-finished products are an excellent solution for many flooring shoppers, some spaces call for a more unique, one-of-a-kind flooring solution. In these cases, we produce custom hardwood floors, which can be made to your exact specifications in our Southern California Headquarters. Some options include, but are not limited to: Solid, Engineered, Domestic, Exotic, Plank, Parquet, Pattern, Distressed, Smooth, Stained, Fumed, Dyed, or Bleached; with widths up to 12" and lengths up to 12'. We can even match our custom flooring colors to any product from our collections, allowing expanded options to shoppers who would like to mix and match custom designs with our pre-finished products.

LVP/SPC Luxury Vinyl Plank Stone Polymer Composite Flooring

The Regal Collection, our SPC/LVP flooring collection, is designed to mimic the appearance of real hardwood, while selling for a fraction of the price. SPC is an ultra-tough composite that combines natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizers to create an extremely durable and uniquely resilient rigid core. A variety of attractive designs and colors set a visually and physically strong base for any interior setting. The innovative embossed-in-register technique merges real wood imagery with three-dimensional textures to create products that not only look remarkably similar to hardwood from any angle and distance, but even emulate the feel. These ultra-tough 7" and 9" wide planks are dent and scratch resistant, waterproof, and easy to install.

Each plank is backed with IXPE foam padding, and coated with a thick, 20mil wear layer that protects the printed vinyl layer from scratches and stains. It's then finished with a UV aluminum oxide coating to provide additional protection against the effects of wear and direct sunlight exposure. In addition to the strong indentation resistance provided by the rigid core, which is nearly as dense as marble, our SPC helps resist the expansion and contraction that results from direct sunlight or hot/cold climates. Our SPC is formaldehyde and phthalate free for health and eco-friendliness.

Like our hardwood flooring, the Regal Collection comes with a limited lifetime warranty when used in residential settings. With its combination of looks and durability, our SPC/LVP is also great for commercial settings. The limited warranty for commercial applications of our SPC/LVP has even been increased to 10 years, which is the longest commercial warranty of any of our products.

Moldings and Accessories

Matching trim makes an installation of our flooring feel truly cohesive and complete. As a natural extension of our custom flooring manufacturing capabilities, we also produce stair treads, risers, moldings (one-sided reducer, t-molding, baby threshold, base shoe and stair nosing) and vents (flush mount or top mount) which are finished to match any of our pre-finished hardwood products. Similarly, our SPC/LVP molding surfaces are produced from the same design image source as the flooring for an exact match. Our matching moldings are offered in 8-foot lengths, are well-stocked in all of our warehouses and ready to order. Our hardwood moldings are truly never out of stock because we make them in-house.

N Internet Sales

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Notice to our Customers

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